Team Maintainers

Team Maintainers members stretch out thier arms holding dried leaves while posing for a picture
Members of Team Connectors pose for a group picture

Team Profiles

Talha Rashidi, Project Manager for Team Maintainers
Talha Rashidi

Project Co-manager and event coordinator
“Who knew gardening had so many zoom meetings?.”

Youssef Demashkieh, Project Manager for Team Maintainers
Youssef Demashkieh

Project Co-manager and transportation coordinator.
“Team Dad.”

Ying Shi, Team member on Team Maintainers
Ying Shi

Future professional dancer.
“Wait, you want me to make a dance about a garden project?!”

Reza Golipour, Team member on Team Maintainers
Reza Golipour

Project advisor and handsome chauffeur.
“Holds the world record for most compost bags poured out in a single day.”

Debrah Nwabudike

Team Spokesperson and retired background dancer.
“Shovels are my life.”

Daniel Kim

Creative director and content editor.
“Sky blue is my favorite colour.”

Ishverdeep Singh

Tools/Food procurement and coordination.
“You get a shovel! You get a rake! Everybody gets a tool.”

Muniba Siddiqui

Website design coordinator and presentation creation.
“Tired (She’s in engineering).”

Zarif Tanzim

Community outreach and deal hunting.
“I love the smell of topsoil in the morning.”

Special Thanks to our Project Partners and Supporters

Leah Yuyitung – Neighborhood Climate Action Champion and Spokesperson for Woburn Local Planning Table.

We worked closely with Leah, zoom meeting after zoom meeting, to ensure that we could put together a gardening event that was safe, inclusive, and productive! She helped us coordinate between all the schools involved and co-lead the event organization as well as maintenance of the garden following. 


Students, teachers, and principals of Woburn Jr PS, St Thomas More CS, Woburn CI for facilitating and working alongside us every step of the way!, with special thanks to:  Soraya Fabro (Woburn Jr), Elisa Mariotti & Gabrielle Torres (STM), Kari O’Grady and the students of Woburn CI Landscaping and S.T.E.P club.


Sovann Muon, York’s Glendon Campus— Sovann was our go-to consultant in terms of how to prepare the garden bed, deciding on the gaps between farrows and rows, the ratio between compost and topsoil, how deep to dig, and how far apart each plant should be, among all the other invaluable advice pieces that were provided!


Thank you to the Local Cafe and Sheridan Culinary School students, Sheridan Nurseries (for their discount to York and Woburn), and the local pizza depot for their great discounts. 


Thank you to the Staff and residents for being good neighbours and sharing their water while we wait for Woburn Collegiate’s water system to be made available. 


Thank you to Woburn Local Planning Table for the loan of tents, tables, chairs, megaphone, and a PA system via their equipment lending library, a resource supported by the City of Toronto through Live Green Toronto and the Neighbourhood Climate Action Champion Program.