About Us

Who We Are.

The York University Cross-Campus Capstone Classroom (C4) program in Summer 2022 brought together our diverse group of individuals across many different disciplines. We worked towards discovering innovative solutions for a challenge question about societal inequities and societal improvement, and taking action towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. We are dedicated to the values of respect, inclusion, collaboration, innovation, and commitment. Our interdisciplinary cohort focused on a challenge question regarding food insecurity, food sovereignty, and food sustainability while focusing on fostering the wellbeing of people and the environment. 


The challenge question was: How can a community-maintained, sustainable food growth and sharing ecosystem be developed for the benefit of all human and non-human members of a given community?

The C4 program in Summer 2022 consisted of six dedicated groups named Team Connectors, Team Knitters, Team Maintainers, Team Growers, Team Preservers, and Team Reusers, which altogether created Grown in Woburn. These teams worked collaboratively to understand the needs of people in the Woburn community, create innovative solutions, and enact these projects to address the Challenge Question and help people in the community thrive.

Team Connectors

Nine diverse members from around the world strive to establish relationships that benefit community members.

Team Knitters

A group of seven students “knit” together to offer access to a healthy food initiative to encourage at-home food growing in the community, while ensuring the program’s long-lasting legacy.

Team Maintainers

Nine interdisciplinary students come together as a team to collaborate with each other, creating a positive impact on the community.

Team Growers

A group of ten highly motivated and hard-working students engage with the community members in their food-growing journey.

Team Preservers

Eight individuals from various backgrounds are brought together as a team to address some of the barriers the community members regularly face by enacting an innovative solution to address the preservation of food.

Team Reusers

Twelve students work together to develop a project with the mission of repurposing food waste.

Teaching Team

Teaching Team pose for a group photograph while sitting on a pavement
Franz T. Newland

Co-founder of the York Capstone Network (YCN)

Danielle Robinson

Co-founder and Executive Director of the York Capstone Network (YCN)

Andrea Kalmin

Leadership Team member

Karl Schimd

Leadership Team member

Zemina Meghji
Zemina Meghji

Leadership Team member

Rachelle Campigotto
Rachelle Campigotto

Leadership Team member

Student Mentors

Leah Yuyitung
Leah Yuyitung

Neighbourhood Climate Action Champion and Spokesperson for Woburn Local Planning Table (Primary Student Mentor)

Maira Zafar, Primary Student Mentor
Maira Zafar

Primary Student Mentor

Sovann Muon, York University, Glendon Campus (Secondary Student Mentor)
Sovann Muon

York University, Glendon Campus (Secondary Student Mentor)

Also a Big Thanks To

Woburn Collegiate Institute, Eco Club


A teaching staff supervisor and 8-10 high school students assist with tending garden beds and plants during the school term. Students are part of a committee to make decisions on what to do with food that is harvested. Team Maintainers, Team Growers, and Team Connectors collaborated with Woburn Collegiate Institute.


Woburn Jr Public School, Eco Club


Eco club teaching staff and their students are interested in growing seedlings in their own classrooms, transplanting them into the community garden, and visiting the garden throughout the school year. Team Reusers collaborated with Woburn Jr Public School.


St Thomas More Catholic School


Grade 7 and 8 classes are interested in engaging with growing seedlings and starting their own community garden. Team Reusers and Team Connecters collaborated with St Thomas More Catholic School.


Toronto Community Housing (TCH) 2180/2190 Ellesmere


TCH residents engage with gardening in their raised garden beds for mental health benefits.


Cedarbrae Public Library

The Cedarbrae Public Library Staff were a vital part of the creation and implementation of the Team Knitters’ inaugural and successful pop-up seed library.