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Interview #1: Rudy

Rudy saw our team gardening from up above his apartment building and came down to speak to us. He said it reminded him of how when he was younger, he used to be his grandmother’s lunch carrier when she used to work in a cane field.

When Rudy got a bit older, he started about 6 garden beds in his home where he grew many vegetables such as cabbage, green beans, tomatoes, and carrots. He loves gardening and his favourite fruit is bananas!

Problems in the Community

Mahmoud and Nikhil walked along with a resident of the community who has been living here for 13 years. This was her first home since she moved to Canada, and has been here ever since. She took them around the community and showed them the problems residents are facing. Below are just some of the issues that Mahmoud and Nikhil think need to be addressed:

  • There is no ramp that leads to the park for accessibility for disabled residents and parents that use a stroller.


  • During winter there is no snow cleanup done on the path children and parents use to go to school. This makes it hard for residents that are new to the country and have no proper winter wear.


  • A newly built gardening spot from what it seems but it is too small and the residents are not even informed about what it is for.


  • There is a lack of communication


  • The playground and newly built garden are in a very unsafe location next to the residents’ garbage disposal and parking spots.


  • There are no slow-down signs or bumps to prevent cars from speeding in the apartment complex.


  • A lot of the residents are actually growing plants on their balconies and apartments. (there is initiative and potential for growth).


  • A community garden would be ideal for residents getting together and sharing and garnering knowledge on growing plants.


  • Improper use of space (a lot of potential spots that can be used to build gardening beds are wasted without even the grass being taken care off)


  • Walk to school and to the garden that was built


  • Renovated buildings residents are not allowed to grow anything on their private balconies.


  • Building management is uncooperative or very slow in replying to the residents.


  • There seems to be some neglect of the area in general compared to higher-income areas.

Growing Videos

Watch our project partner/Influencer’s videos about growing different vegetables and fruits below


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