Fun Growing Games

So we’ve given you all a bunch of information, and you’re probably not sure what to do with this knowledge. All of this content can seem like a whole class lesson about food growing and sustainability, and lessons can be boring. But what isn’t boring, and can help you learn new things are Games!

Here are three games about growing food and food sustainability you can play to learn! (We promise they are fun and not boring!)


Break It Down.

A cannon shooter game about how two decomposers, leaf cutters and mushrooms, help decompost leaves into soil for plants to grow in.

Ready, Set, Grow.

Learn with Elmo about the basics of growing fruits and vegetables in your very own garden! 

Cookie Monster’s Foodie Truck.

Ever wonder where certain foods come from that make their way into food recipes? You can get a general idea through playing this game. You can also learn how to make certain foods in the most simple ways. Pro-tip: certain ingredients shown in this game can be grown at home!


This game is more challenging in content compared to the previous games. Developed by the California Academy of Science, learn about growing and maintaining areas ranging from a garden to a farm.