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What the Kit Includes

Manual Vacuum Pump for Food Sealing

  • Vacuums remove air from inside the packing bag, thus creating a tight seal around the food. It can be used for both dry and moist foods, with quick and easy manual operation

  • Vacuum preservation uses negative pressure where a non-oxygen environment allows food to be isolated from bacteria and water. Vaccum-sealed food stays fresh 3-5 times longer than food kept in normal conditions

  • You could save money and help reduce GHG emissions by growing and packing more food with extended preservation lifespan for both the fridge and freezer

An image of the manual vacuum pump with vacuum bags of different sizes
An image of a bamboo charcoal bag

Air-Purifying Reusable Bag

  • Activated carbon absorbs ethylene gas and odours generated by fruits and vegetables as they ripen. The process involves trapping floating moisture and gases in the bamboo charcoal’s pores

  • Crisper and fresher produce for 2-3 times longer, plus reduced odours

  • Activated charcoal bags are very easy to recharge. They need to be left outside under direct sunlight for about 2-3 hours. This should be done once a month to ensure that the trapped gases and moisture are released