Nurturing Young Minds

Teaching Materials

We will be working with local elementary school teachers of Woburn Jr. Public School and St. Thomas More Catholic school to raise awareness about food insecurity and teach children about the importance of reducing food waste, community sustenance and cultivating community. Students, parents and community members will receive educational brochures which contain a guide of how to compost properly.

How to Build a Compost Bin

These are the instructions by which we built our own tumbler compost bin. We ensured that our compost bin is high enough for children to reach. The main materials we used included: wood, gallon drum, locks, and handles. A more detailed list of the materials and tools can be found on the graphics attached to this slide. Adding to that, a detailed blueprint of how to assemble the frame and the barrel can also be found attached.

Student Activities

These brochures not only contain the importance of composting but also include activities which children can try at home. We thought that if children try these at home, parents will also be encouraged to start composting. The Reusers team tried to come up with activities that can be done with normal household items. Our goal of this project is to nurture young minds which is why we thought preparing fun activities would be a great way to spark interests of composting in children.

Compost Bin Demo

Cross Campus Capstone Classroom
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