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Woburn Pop-Up Seed Library

During the growing season, our pop-up seed library travels to different public community spaces across Woburn, where it provides seeds, gardening containers and informational materials to the community so that Woburn residents can grow their own food at home! Once planted, the seeds grow into edible crops, as part of the larger goal to enhance the community’s involvement in food growth and sustainability.

The seed library. Two drawers for seed packets are on top of a table, with the poster behind them.

What is a Seed Library?

A seed library is a community resource where residents can access seeds and basic gardening supplies for free! Community members can “borrow” seeds from the library at planting time, save seeds from the plants that they grow, and return a portion of their harvested seeds to the library. 

Seeds in bags on the soil
Someone pours seeds from a packet into their hand preparing to plant them with soil, a shovel and pots nearby

How Do I Use the Seed Library?

When you arrive at a pop-up seed station, you can check-out whichever seed packets you’d like per week! The number of seed packets you borrow may vary by pop-up. Fill out a sign-in sheet stating your name and how many packets you’re taking. Then pick your seeds, and scan the QR code on the seed packet to find information about how to grow those plants.

How Our Pop-Up Seed Library Works.

We provide seeds, shelving, soil, gardening containers and informational materials to different community locations across Woburn, to temporarily host a pop-up seed library in their public space. The seed library consists of two small cabinets that house a large variety of seeds and serves as a community hub for community members to access free seeds. The seed library is mobile and is designed to travel to different pop-up locations within East Scarborough every growing season.

Want to Host the Seed Library?

If your organisation or group is based in Woburn and would be interested in hosting a seed library pop-up, contact us at or click here to access our hosting guide and fill out the host form! 

Get Free Seeds

If you’d like to get free seeds,  click here 

Donate Seeds!

If you’re interested in donating seeds to our library, feel free to drop them off at an active pop-up, or contact us at

Gardening Tips

A young girl using a little shovel in a garden bed, learning to grow food
Seed-Specific Information

Did you get seeds from our pop-up seed library? We’ve shared some gardening instructions for the various seed types that we offer! Take a look to find the information relevant to your seeds.

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Growing Food on Balconies?

Click here to watch a webinar with some tips for balcony growing!

Need Help Starting Your Seeds?

If you want some resources and tips for starting seeds, check out this webpage to learn more about seed-starting and gardening!

Want to Fertilize Your Plants?

Click here for a recipe for how to make fertilizer out of kitchen scraps, which can help your plants grow better and help you reduce food waste too!

Want to Preserve Your Food?

You’ve harvested: Now what? Click here for resources on how to store and preserve various vegetables. You can also check out this webpage to find handy tips for preserving your garden-grown food.

Having Plant Trouble?

If your plant isn’t doing well and maybe its leaves have turned yellow, click here for some tips that you can follow to get your plant healthy again!

Want to Save Your Seeds?

If you want to save your seeds for future growing seasons or donate them to the seed library, click here for a video on the basics of how to harvest seeds, and click here for more seed-saving resources!

Why Grow Your Own Food?

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