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Food waste is a big problem in Canada. In fact, 63% of the food that Canadians throw away or compost could have been eaten. This can happen because we buy too much, cook too much, or do not store the food correctly. Here are some numbers that might surprise you:


  • Although food is wasted from many different stages, most waste happens in households (47%)
  • The average household wastes 140 kilograms of edible food per year, which costs households more than $1300 per year
  • For Canada as a whole, this means almost 2.3 million tonnes of food wasted each year, costing us more than $20 billion
  • All types of food are wasted, but those wasted most are vegetables (30%), fruits (15%), and leftovers (13%)
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On this website, we show you some tips on how to preserve common ingredients found in the kitchen to help prevent unnecessary waste. We also share recipes for these foods, and information about common preservation tools. Lastly, we’ve thrown in some information about Preservation Kits that viewers and community members could request.

Our goal for this website and for our project is to ensure that we are able to make a positive impact on Canadians by helping them save food and money, while aiming to bring environmental sustainability to the table. Read more about our goals and project in the About Us tab.

Request a Preservation Kit

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What’s Inside Each kit?

  • Illustrated step-by-step recipes


  • Ready-to-use bags and vacuum sealers


  • QR codes for real-time videos
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